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Competitor and market analysis

In this post I will talk about Wanha Mestaris competitive advantages, its consumers and competitors. I'm going to tell why Mestari is successful compared to others and what is the way to get people walk through our door.

Wanha Mestari has a strong base in Lahtis bar field. It has been in the same place since 1969 and people often have opinions of it. That's a good thing but also can be bad. If you're born and raised youngster from Lahti there's a big chance that your grandpa has been Mestaris customer. And who would want to drink and have a good time at such a place? I think that is old and kind a stupid way to think. But I do often hear about it that it's a place for older people. It's not wrong to say it, we are a bit expensive and during weekends we have age limit of 20. With higher prices we keep, how would I say it, people from wrong side of the street away.

It has been difficult years for bars and I hope that it changes soon. You can tell it from opening hours, many bars has closed they'r doors for certain days and cutted hours. It's a shame. Mestaris advantage is that we are open every day and that's something what is going to stay as it is. It's open everyday, 365 days in year. Last time it was closed longer period of time was in 2013 when was the big renovation.

I think that bars which are open everyday are big competitor for us. Cheri, Teerenpeli, Ten Dollars Saloon, Public Corner are few that comes to my mind. During weekends bars that have karaoke are competitor also. There's six bars which have it = Cheri, Las Palmas, Dublin (although only daytime.), Ten Dollars Saloon, Jorma and us. That's a reason why quality karaoke matters, I know that there's lots of great singers who choose place by it's sound system.

Wanha Mestari has a great position for customers outside Lahti since it's the first bar you walk by when you come from Matkakeskus. Also by serving pub food from R-Menu we make sure that hungry customers stay in our restaurant. Many bars have low price days but that is something we're not gonna do. But we do have many other offers, for example in few days we start a new one. Everyday (not Saturday) we offer a discount from something. For example, Sundays -20% of pub food and Wednesdays -20% of Laulukirja-drinks. It's something!

In my opinion it's a advantage to be part of big, established company. Unsuccessful years doesn't make Wanha Mestari to close it doors.

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