sunnuntai 4. joulukuuta 2016


In this post I'll go back to my SWOT-analysis and compare it to present - is my SWOT analysis still accurate?

In my SWOT I told that I'm good at selling extra / beverages that are in our campaign list. I think that it's still accurate, I've been doing well in our competition. Although I'm not number one I'm on top compared to working hours. That's something I always take seriously and I want to win.

I also told that my possibility is a versatile job where I can learn more. That's also true, I've learned a lot in couple month. I even did our inventory couple days ago with our restaurant manager which was interesting. Although she also did it for first time so we we're both learning. We recently got a barcode reader which reads the barcode automatically from product so doing inventory is way faster. No more piles of paper!

I've tried to work on my bad self esteem, don't know how much I've succeed in that. That's something that takes a bit more time than few months in my opinion. My other project was to be more focused while I do paperwork. Something is better with that, I think.

Lastly, my threats: Not so much hours because I work in 0-contract. I've had decently work now but you never know what happens in next list. That's by the way one of the reasons I even applied for school, I really didn't have anything else to do. But don't get me wrong: I enjoy studying and I try to do my best. Not just freeloading here.



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